Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a garbage payment?

Garbage payments can be made by one of the following:

Mail in, drop off at The Borough Office mail slot or online using the link on the Garbage page.

How do I make a tax payment?

All tax related questions can be answered by the Tax Collector, Corry H. Sheffler.

The tax office is located at 424 Brandon Street, Greensburg, PA 15601.

For more tax information, please visit the Tax Collector page.

Can I tip the Borough Crew?

If you'd like to tip the Borough crew for their efforts in garbage collection, leaf collection, etc., the safest way to do this is by dropping off the tip at the Borough office at 564 Stanton Street.

The Borough Manager will make sure the tip is distributed to the workers.

I'm new to the borough, where do I go to vote?

Southwest Greensburg Borough has two polling places:

Greensburg Church of the Brethren, 554 Stanton Street

Southwest Greensburg VFD Fire Hall, 401 Guthrie Street

For more information on where to vote and how to register, please visit the link below for more information.

I see trucks driving though the Borough streets and alleys looking for items in the trash.

Can they do this?

Southwest Greensburg Borough is the only authorized garbage collector. If you see someone driving through an alley and taking discarded items, please contact the police department. Besides not being authorized, individuals doing this can create a mess as they go through the garbage and may take things that were not being discarded.

We just moved to the Borough, what is the school district?

Southwest Greensburg Borough is in The Greensburg Salem School District. For more information about the district please visit

Can we rent a dumpster from the Borough?

The Borough no longer rents dumpsters.

Are there additional fees for certain garbage items?

The Borough reserves the right to charge for "excessive garbage" as deemed by the Streets and Sanitation supervisor. To get a quote on any items, please call the Borough Garage 724-837-5140. Items must be paid for before they can be picked up.

How do I change the account name on the garbage account?

For residents that rent, the garbage account bill needs to be in the name of the property owner.

For new property owners, a garbage bill will be sent to you once the Borough office receives the monthly list of property transfers from the Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds.

In the meantime, any garbage at the property will continue to be picked up.

How do I find out what day is my garbage day?

Please refer to the Maps page on this website that has the garbage collection map.

The map shows by street and alley what day garbage is collected. Most people put out garbage the night before the collection day as the Streets & Sanitation crew starts work at 6:00 a.m.

Do I need a permit for a new roof or siding?

Generally, a permit is required when there is a change to the "footprint" of the property

such as an addition, expansion, enclosure, deck, etc.

Maintenance and repairs to an existing roof or siding would not require a permit.